Mini Hair Straightener

Vivid&Vogue 0.5-Inch Mini Hair Straightener is a straightener that can be used anywhere by anybody, even children! It is the best choice for the ones who are looking for a straightener that they can easily carry along with them while traveling.




About the Product:

  • The straightener is small in size and has an external appearance that girls prefer in their dressing table. In short, it is a cute tool that will come in handy for you on various occasions, say traveling or photo-shoot.
  • It works at a dual voltage of 100V-240V and 50-60Hz.
  • It is suitable for all types of hair, particularly short hair or fringes. If you are a person with short hair or are looking for a straightener for your child, you will find this useful. Its small size and ergonomic design ensure that you can easily use it for shorter hair, unlike the bigger straighteners which are difficult to use for the purpose.


  •  is it characterized by PTC heater which allows it to be heated up and cooled down fast, thereby saving your precious time.
  •  can it reach up to a temperature of 365F which is the ideal temperature for straightening.  is it not too high unlike the other ones of its type, thus assuring you that your hair is not overheated and is protected from damage.
  • Works great for your fringes which often remain unattended while straightened using a large straightener.
  • It can fit inside a drawer or inside your bag while traveling.
  • Its pink color and cute appearance adding a girly feel to it.


  • It is mainly used for children or people who have short hair. It is not that effective in straightening longer hair.

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