Remington D3190A

Remington D3190A turbo hair dryer

The Remington lives up to its brand value and brings out a product that is laced with the latest technologies dedicated to making their customer’s hair look best.

About the product:-

  • The grill of the blower is loaded with micro conditioners that get released into the air when the product is being used by flowing with the incoming air. These conditioners prevent the damage and increase the natural shine of the hair.
  • The device uses infrared heat radiations to decrease the hair drying time.
  • The tourmaline technology ensures that the root of the hair isn’t overheated, which may damage the hair.
  • The device uses 1875 Watts of power which promises constant flow of air that can be used to dry even the thickest of hairs in no time.

All the technology this product comes up with is infused into it for the sole purpose of reducing the hair damage and making the styling and drying of the hair easier and quicker.


  • Comes with 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings, so that the customer can choose a perfect combination for their hair.
  • Concentrator attachment can be used to concentrate the incoming air on a particular area of the head while the diffuser attachment can be used to diffuse the air over a large volume so that it can be dried quickly in case the extent of wetness of the hair is not much.
  • The product has a cool shot button on its body which can be used to release a gush of cold air to style the hair and maintain a look all day long.


  • Works only at 120V. One may need to use an adapter in order to use it in other places.

The experts and the customers who have bought this product rate it very highly for its sheer brilliance. Laced with so many latest technologies dedicated to the styling of hair and lowering the hair damage, there is no other product in the same price range that can match up to this device capability.


Written by Christine hannon

Hey, Beautiful! Welcome to my corner of the internet. I’m Hannon, a hair stylist and… I help Women & Men find the best hair dryers for their hair. And I also tell you the best ways to use them. Why? Because you want your hair to look good. You want the looks but you can’t visit the salon every single day for that.

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