Without a doubt, the most important thing to have in the hair stylist repertoire is the hair dryer. However, you don’t need a professional to find the benefits of having a hair dryer. Don’t think for a second it’s as clean cut as just buying a basic gun that blows hot air. There are several different types of hair dryers, and if you don’t get the right one for you might have a plethora of problems down the line.
            Instead of steamrolling right into the world of hair dryers we’re going to go over these different types of hair dryers. Followed by this will be the best brands to keep an eye out for, then a top 10 list of the best hair blowers. Finally, we’ll wrap up with an ensuring you get what you need out of your purchase with an in-depth buying guide. Regardless of your level of experience in cosmetology, you’ll come out the end of this guide with knowledge and confidence that’ll you’ll be buying a hair dryer that will give you not only the biggest bang for your buck but also luscious natural looking hair.


Different Types of Hair Dryers

Hair blowers are roughly organized in five groups. For those people who are going to use a blower every day they might want something with all the bells and whistles. Others find that they can put off some of the extra features and rather go for a portable hair dryer. Knowing what type of hair dryers are out there will help you narrow down your selection to a manageable amount.

Best Brands for Hair Dryers

Like any market for consumer goods, there are a few companies that stand out far above the rest. Some of these brands specialize specifically in beauty products, where others have their fingers in a little bit of everything. Regardless, you can be sure that whatever hair dryer you get from one of these five outstanding brands, you’ll be getting a quality machine.

Type Of Hair dryers


By far the most common type of hair dryer out there and the highest selling. Where they lack some of extra features of other types of hair dryers, they are considerably less expensive. These type of blow dryers typically have a two heat settings and two speed sections. Often cord length isn’t as long as the professional types, but manageable as long as you aren’t doing any gymnastics in the bathroom. The industry standard now is having ionic and ceramic technology. The ionic feature charges the particles negatively to cut back on frizziness, while the ceramic technology allows for the heating to zap the root of the hair first and work its way out. This allows for an altogether more even heating, which helps cut back on unnecessary heat damage.


Professional type hair blowers are typically what you find in higher end salons around the world. These hair dryers contain all the features of consumer styled blowers - such as ionic and ceramic technology - and much more. For instance professional blowers have many more choices of heat and speed setting. This extra customizability allows for it to be used in many different approaches. In addition, there is often a cool shot button located on the handle. This allows for hair styles to be better set in place. Depending on the brand, there is additional concentrator nozzles that often come complimentary.
            Finally, professional hair blowers are made with some of the most powerful motors and highest quality materials. While they are by far the most expensive types of hair dryers, they will in the end last you the longest without any trouble.


The travel hair blower isn’t a traditional type like either consumer or professional. Often many consumer or professional hair dryers can be travel types as well. Coming with the ability to negatively charge ions and give an equal drying, travel types stand out with the ability to be easily portable compared to other hair dryers. Ideal for those that are often on the move, these machines are notable for having foldable handles. Often these handles fold into the machine either with a little bit of applied pressure or a twist. In addition, but the cord is either wrappable around a mechanism or retractable into the machine itself.



For the most part cordless hair dryers don’t exist, at least on a mass scale. The issue is that the amount of energy a wireless hair dryer outputs massively drains most portable energy sources. Most electronic devices that rely on portable power such as propane, butane, alkaline, or lithium batteries are usually under the 100 watt range. Most hair dryers on the market range anywhere from 1200 to 2000 watts in terms of power - this is often considered the threshold for the amount of power to get the engine running to put out the required amount of heat.
            That being said, there are a few more adventurous companies out there that have attempted to do the impossible - and make a cordless blow dryer. As energy collection and efficiency becomes better, we will no doubt see more of these types of hair dryers.


Overlaps heavily with the travel type of hair blowers, along with either the professional and consumer styled machines. These type of blowers are pretty simple: While almost all hair dryers require a cord, not all of them have the proper way to put them away. Either forcing consumer to awkwardly wrap the cord around the handle or use a small wrap around mechanism, these hair blowers have little on the portability of the retractable cord blowers. With a simple click of a button on the handle you can suck up the cord into the handle. When needed, simple hold down the button and pull for the desired length.

Best Brands for Hair Dryers

6th Sense Styling Technology

Originally a European based company, BaBylissPRO is now a subsidiary of Conair. Sold in over 60 countries around the world, BaBylissPRO often tops the charts in highest quality cosmetic machines on the market today. For 55 years they have been refining their technique to create amazing products.. Creating the first curling iron in 1961, and then perfecting the technology in 2013 with the curl secret, BaBylissPRO is a revolutionizer in the hair industry. So popular are they over in France, that over 80% of people who own a hair blower own a BaBylissPRO there.


A relatively small and new company on the hairstyling scene that shouldn’t be overlooked. With over fifty years of combined experience, the staff at 6th Sense Styling Technology has focused on creating unique hair dryers of exceptional caliber. Seeing beauty as an extension of art, 6th Sense Styling Technology see their tools as brushes to paint wondrous works of arts on people’s hair

6th Sense Styling Technology

This Italian based company likes to pride themselves on adhering to set of values. This adherence allows them to follow of path of producing quality products. Focusing specifically on working professionals, the Parlux company boasts that their goods are the most sought after within working environments. Offering a wide range of potential tools, they have used this considerable experience to make great hair dryers.


This New Jersey based company was originally founded in 1959. Since then they have created a consistent revenue stream in the billions. Starting from humble beginnings, the Conair corporations has expanded to ten subsidiaries ranging from cosmetics to small appliances. Conair themselves owns other hair styling corporations, such as BabylissPRO. However, they also own their own line of consumer hair blowers that prove that quality does not need to be sacrificed on the altar of affordability


At nearly a century old, Panasonic can boast that they crush the competition in terms of experience. This Japanese based company was originally named Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. When they changed their name to Panasonic they thankfully didn’t lose any of their adherence to creating affordable and terrific consumer electronics. Their hair dryers are notable for their slick design and myriad of features

Panasonic hair dryer