Bio Ionic One Pass Straightening Iron is an electronic straightener that uses an advanced technology to give you a smooth and silky hair.

It has nano ionic minerals incorporated into it which helps in emitting negative ions and breaking down the water clusters. The microionized water molecules thus generated penetrate the hair and hydrated to make it silky straight.


About the product:

  • It uses natural ionic technology which helps in giving you a healthy and hydrated hair within a short amount of time.
  • It is also characterized by the silicon speed strips which make your hair shiny at a faster speed.
  • The TriStrip technology used makes your hair three times smoother. It operates at 400degree Fahrenheit and locks moisture in your hair cuticles.


It can work with just one pass and doesn’t need you to waste much of your time on it. You will get three times smoother hair and by spending just half the time.

It helps in bringing your hair in great shape, thus giving others the impression that you have had a haircut recently.

It helps in giving a brilliant shine to the hair and making it look shiny and smooth.

It is suitable for different textures of hair. It can work for normal hair and make it silky smooth as well as on curly hair to straighten it.

There are tiny rubber grips that are used for pulling the hairs during the process and you are thus not likely to be hurt.


  • It emits a bad smell when it is heated up and there are chances that the same will be transferred to your hair. This problem, however, can be overcome by applying a sweet-smelling serum or similar products to the hair once the straightening is done.

Written by Christine hannon

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