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In a world that is constantly moving about with juggling multiple jobs, hobbies, and responsibilities, taking a trip to the salon and pampering yourself falls to the wayside. Having your hair look the best doesn’t need to be impossible with consumer grade salon hair dryers. Being on par with their salon shop equivalents and many times more convenient than traditional hair dryers, salon dryers are a fast and hands free - insuring that you get more time to yourself. These hair dryers will give you an even drying that will leave your hair feeling amazing. Get ready for some of the best hair in your life with these excellent salon hair dryers!

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Highland Venus Bonnet Hair Dryer

Highland Venus Bonnet Hair Dryer

A tough industry standard hair dryer for the best drying hands down. This salon hair dryer features a hardy 960 watt heating element with variable temperature control setting. With the ability to heat up to 140 degrees fahrenheit, this workhorse of a dryer also has a 60 minute timer. Composed of an ultra dense steel construction and coated with a powder finish for increased durability. This US and CLA approved chair has a 15” external diameter and 12” internal diameter on the headpiece. This machine gives a professional level experience for many years.

Conair is a New Jersey based company that specializes in small appliances and beauty products. This salon blow dryer is sleek and smooth with an ergonomic adjustable spine and a large base. The extra large hood is excellent for a set of jumbo hair rollers. For faster drying their a pair of heat and speed setting, along with variable air flow setting to maximize your comfort. When not in use this terrific hair dryer folds up simply for storage. This bonnet style dryer is great for a fast, simple, and no frizz hair experience!

Hot Tools Tourmaline Ionic Salon Dryer

Get a silky, soft, and stupendous drying that’ll leave your hair luscious and beautiful! This tourmaline salon hair dryer comes with a pre-moisture system and ionic nano technology that allows for maximum hair flow and a spa treatment for your hair. The higher 1875 watt output dries hair faster without damaging. Nor do you have to worry about even the largest of hair rollers with the adjustable bonnet helmet. With 2 different speeds and 4 heat options, you’ll have plenty of ways to customize your hair drying experience.

This high craftsmanship salon dryer will give you sleek and sexy hair. The ergonomic telescoping stand is completely adjustable for multiple heights. The high quality plastic wheels allows you to move this dryer to and fro with ease. The bonnet itself is also completely adjustable so you can use even the largest hair rollers with this machine. WIth a massive 1875 watts of heating power in this tourmaline infused machine, you can be sure you’ll be a quick and great hair drying done without all the hassle of going to the salon.

This space age looking hair dryer is impressive for its plethora of features and outstanding craftsmanship. Providing a fast and hands free drying, this machine has an adjustable 60 minute timer and temperature gauge. The swiveling casters allows ease of movement, while the adjustable height means it can be used for multiple different body types. To maximize comfort this machine comes with a swivel hood and hinged door. This Orion Motor Tech machine will give you a frizzless and stylish hair that will make you look part of the bon ton.


With adjustable height, temperature settings, and speed settings, it’s no wonder so many people use these salon styled dryers. Bringing the salon to your home, these hair dryers maximize airflow with their ergonomic no-nonsense setup. Perfect for amateurs and professionals alike, these machines have easy to use setting. Being either collapsible or on wheels, when not in use you can push them into the corner or in the closet. Get super styled hair with the best salon dryers on the market!

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Top 5 Best Salon Hair Dryer
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