A brow makeup kit of any girl starts with an eyebrow pencil. Later you may need a setting gel and other styling products. Sculpturing a perfect brow is an art but with the right eyebrow pencil, it is much easier. However, the best eyebrow pencil should be good for drawing on the shape, diffusing the pigment, shading in the hair, and giving a soft, natural looking finish. Some girls prefer those brow pencils with all the fancy and frills, the others like classic simplicity. The quality and persistence of eyebrow cosmetics are the factors to mind as well. Our quest of eyebrow pencil best equally for beginners and for real pros will facilitate your choice in some way.

This product deserves to become your new bestie. Its color perfectly matches for natural soft light black eyebrows. The pencil is hard enough to draw in as much color on your eyebrows as it is needed; however, it is not as hard as wooden pencils. It features a great smoothness in an application and it never needs sharpening, thus it shows a supreme usability. Eventually, it has great blurring resistance, so it can be the best waterproof eyebrow pencil for swimming. This pencil is outfitted with a tiny soft brush, kind of a flat shape tip that perfectly blends and grooms your eyebrows. This eyebrow product offers you the premium quality at the very affordable price.

This dual-ended brow liner aids in defining your eyebrows, thus helps to express yourself. With its help you are able to mimic your natural brow hair, shaping it gradually. A two-step shaping process is an easy-to-do thing even for beginners. First, use the ultra-fine 0.5mm pencil tip in order to outline your eyebrow shape, and then fill the drawn arch in with light strokes. Secondly, use the soft blending brush to comb up and define brow look. This definer pencil features a perfect tool to recreate even the tiniest brow hair, therefore you can get a pro-like well-defined brow look for your everyday life. This best eyebrow pencil has made the art of the brow easy and accessible.

This micromechanical brow pencil gives you the appearance of thicker, fuller arch that just what you need concerning the up-to-date brow fashion. An ultra-fine point pencil enables you to shape, define, and fill in your brows to rich a nice, natural look. Even for the sparse brows, it creates a more defined brow when you carefully fill in over-tweezed or sparse areas. You should use the precise super-skinny tip to draw up by short strokes in order to define the brow and fill in gaps. You can easily soften edges with a help of the spoolie end. The beautiful ash brown color coats even the finest hairs and provides you a natural-looking finish. This product may be compared to a brow wiz regarding its quality, except it is much cheaper. Therefore, it is definitely an eyebrow pencil best for the brow makeup art new learners.

This slim mechanical pencil has a color that fits with a medium brown hair, although there are taupe, light brown and deep brown colors to fit other hair types. You will enjoy a natural, polished look of your eyebrows after you have shaped, defined, and filled in them with a help of the dual-sided design. The application comprises of two phases. You need to apply the fine tip liner firstly, and then you should tame and comb up the hair with the brush oh the other side of a pencil. As a result, your brows will have both natural and defined look. Considering the great durability of this brow line, it could be used as the best waterproof eyebrow pencil for swimming. The price is very reasonable and a long-lasting use time, it is a solid choice.

When you need to enhance and refine the shape of your eyebrows, get a professional makeup tool. You can successfully define brow contours, fill gaps, and lengthen your brow arch if needed. This is an eyebrow pencil best for creating the desired sleek and defined look. The color is mild brownish black. This smoky color looks very naturally and aligns with the fine lines, which you can apply nicely and blend easily. The built-in brush really helps to groom your brows perfectly. This brow pencil provides a quite durable, natural-looking finish and can be used for your everyday makeup especially considering its affordable price.


There is no one single product, which is the best for every eyebrow goal. However, there are such products that are close to the perfection. Finding the best eyebrow pencil may be a challenging task. Once you have found your number one brow tool, it will make your brow makeup essentially faster and easier, while improving the performance. Having the best waterproof eyebrow pencil for swimming will come in handy for those with an active way of life. Anyway, searching for the right brow pencil or liner is well worth the time you’ll spend. Hope that our review will facilitate this task and help you to enrich your cosmetic bag with a new favourite.

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